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I went to derry tech. in 2006 and studied performing arts for a year , it was an interesting coarse and had all the things an actor/singer would love but its pretty unrealistic to depend on full time in my oppinion , i was in numerous produictions throughout my time at that particuler coarse .

in september 2007 i started a national diploma in media studies it was very interesting and exciting , in 1st year i done projects on autuer theory as part of film studies and also post modernism and genre theory  for these projects i concentrated on quentin tarantino , sin city and the war genre .

i also made a documentery in 1st year called fighting weight .

in 2nd year i enjoyed such projects as pitting a small time company up against a big company when i put  bbc films up against universal pictures , and the commitments compared to grease .  we also studied the big media moguls like disney , warner and news corperation , i studied photography also doing a assignment on horses and ponies and also annie leivivich .

in them years i did presentations on drugs and violance in films and also in wrestling.  

i made a couple of showreels also to show an overview of my interests and work .

then i started a HND in media studies in 2009  which also was a very fullfilling experience it was similar to the n.d. i did previously but more in depth i did many film reviews as part of contextual studies including phycho by alfred hitchcock also i made presentations on celebrity culture using my interest in wrestling as help when i chose hulk hogan as my topic depicting his popularity in wrestling , films and reality tv.

also for another presentation i compared the world of D.C.  universe with marvel enterprises  concentrating on batman and the ultimate avengers .

i have made numerous short films and documenteries in my years in media , i fell sick in the middle of my 2nd and final year of my HND so i have to take time out for now but i plan on returning to finnish my media hnd some time in the near future .

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my interests

I have many interests obviously music , acting  and film making are at the forefront but my other major interests include professional wrestling , football , rugby boxing ,listening to music , watching films and playing  video games .

my favourite tv shows are wwe raw , wwe saterday nights main event , the west wing , the a team , the star trek legacy , ufc and i like talk shows such as jonathon ross and jay leno .

my favourite films are listed on another page , but my favourite characters are 1. vincent vega from pulp fiction , 2. jules winfeild from pulp fiction and 3. mickey knox in natural born killers among others.

my love for the weird but wonderful world of pro wrestling  started when i was 3 when my brothers brian and seamas bought me toy action figures of andre the giant and macho man randy savage and then i collected over 400 figures to this day im an avid fan and ive watched the wwf now known as wwe all this time other companies like wcw ecw and tna also , my favourite wrestlers are hulk hogan , macho man , ultimate warrior and stone cold steve austin .

im a footy fan also i support man united , my favourite players are ryan giggs , roy keane , eric cantona and peter schmicel .

my family are a big rugby family as my dad played for years for teams in ireland and in england and he follows the sports with a great interest today .

my brothers brian and seamas had great times playing rugby oer the years both of them captained inisheoghain rugby club and spent great years playing with the side , seamas also played for north kildare rugby club and brian has played for ulster colleges , city of derry , c.y.m in terinure , dublin ,and for buffalo rugby club in south africa .

i have an on and off interest in boxing i liked watching fighters such as mike tyson and steve collins ,  my dad micheal keogh has a great interest in the world of boxing  he was a great middleweight boxer in ireland and in england at an amature level he won the amature middleweight championship in england at one stage , im very proud of that.

my dad then co ran the moville boxing club with patsy doherty  and during that time dad coached numeropus local boxers including martin mcgeogian who won the ulster championship and nearly turned pro at that time at one mcgeogain defeated the irish champion .

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