About the keoster 

i was born in 1987 , ive had an interesting life to say the least , my  life highlights include some great years spent with my family and freinds especially with my brother seamas who passed away in august 2003, ive had downs aswell as everyone has ive been battling obesity all my life and just this year i nearly died due to sleep apnea coused by a buildup of fluid which ultimatly led to heart failure but i recovered and i now am losing the excess weight with over 5 stone off so far , i have adopted the attitude i needed at last .

my major influences are elvis presley , bruce springstein , gunns n roses , meatloaf , micheal jackson , hulk hogan , arnold shwarzeniger , martin scorcese , robert de niro , john travolta , al pacino , u2 , the killers , garth brookes  and meatloaf..

my favourite films are the departed , casino , goodfellas , pulp fiction , terminater 2 and bobby

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