I first started singing at 9 when i got up and sang in moat co. west meath , ireland along with foster and allen and that day i sang words  in 1996, from there my next performance was in my first musical directed by patsy cavanagh  jesus christ superstar where i played judas iscarriot  in 1999, then in  2001 i rehearsed for up to 5 months before taking to the stage as johney casino in grease in a carn school production ,  the show ran for 7 nights in 2002 bringing in great crowds.  

i was involved in a mock wedding  and sang at numerous variety shows , weddings and parties establishing myself as an elvis man to many , in 2003 after the tragic passing of my late brother seamas i was getting involved in anything i could to take my mind off the tragic events that had previously transpired so in october 2003 i wrote a play called the ratings war in which i pitted pat kennys late late show against eamonn dunphys dunphy show in a skit like sketch where i also played eamonn dunphy and my freind william gillespie played kenny  and i ended up winning the best actor award when we entered the play into the ballor theatre drama competition. , in 2005 i acted as uncle max in the sound of music  which was a challenging role but very enjoyable .

i tried other styles in months to come trying to have a various repoirtoire rather than all elvis music and when i brought together the verified that all came to be the band consisted of conner gillespie , william boden and luke mcguinness also william gillespie was in it for a short time , the band lasted 2 and half years on and off along the way boden left and we had to get a new drummer  conner j mcderrmott who turned out to be spectacular we made a demo and later split up due to college and musical differences .

my latest ventures can be read about on other pages of this website .

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